Amerigo Vespucci portrait

Amerigo Vespucci

Italian merchant, navigator and sea traveler. He participated in the Pinzon’s expedition during which the mouth of the Amazon was discovered. Vespucci’s letters with colorful descriptions of the known lands gave him notoriety greater than Christopher Columbus. From his name, the new continent was called America. He explored much of the east coast of South America. He described the discovery of the rivers Rio de Janeiro and the Rio de la Plata as well as Patagonia and South Georgia.

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John Cabot portrait

John Cabot

John Cabot known as Giovanni Caboto Italian traveler and sailor, citizen of the Republic of Venice, who in 1495 settled in England and served the King Henry VII. During an expedition in 1497 searching for the western route to India, he discovered the eastern coast of North America. He discovered New Funland and Labrador. During his second expedition in 1498 he got to Cape Hatteras, which was later the source of the Crown’s claims to the colonies there.

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